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Total Project Solutions

Total Project Solutions

Rotational Mouldings brings you a wealth of experience and the ability to deal with every aspect of your project. We are able to bring over 40 years of processing, design, development and testing experience to bear, enabling our qualified team of engineers to successfully support you and your project at any entry level and providing you with the total project solution.

The team here at Rotational Mouldings are able to focus on your specific needs. This can be from support with an initial design concept through to the creation of fully supported 3D CAD models, or we are happy to work from your existing design. We supplement our design capability by utilising our in house rapid prototyping resource and produce 3D printed models. Our vast experience of Industrial design and process knowledge enables best practice and ensures products and tooling are Designed for Manufacture (DFM).

We take full control of tooling design to ensure we are in control of the whole process, we then follow a proven route of initial sampling and continued product development until we reach full production readiness.

Project Management

Every project introduced into the business is assigned a project lead. Whether this be a simple fit and function part or a more complex technical part requiring a high degree of input and or testing we are able to follow all levels of PPAP and the project lead will guide you through the necessary stages to reach production fulfilment.


We work closely with the best toolmakers in Europe and the UK and use all options available. Depending on the product the tooling can be made in either sheet steel, cast aluminium or CNC machined aluminium. Our team will help and advise you on the best tooling route to take for your product.

Compared to other plastic manufacturing processes tooling for roto-moulding is relatively low in cost and with excellent design of both product and tooling first class results can be achieved.



Boasting 22 machines across three sites we can mould products up to 4.5 meters, whilst utilising the latest equipment and technology for in process control.


Working with the leading polymer suppliers in our industry we are able to guide you on your material choice.

Dependant on the product there are a number of polymers available including low, medium and high density Polyethylene, Plastomers, PE foams, Polypropylene and Nylon.

A polymer can be found to meet almost any requirement, whether that is for impact resistance, temperature stability, chemical resistance, colour, UV stability and durability.

Recent developments in additive technology now allow us to produce mouldings of high performance for specialist applications such as Fire Retardant, anti-static/conductive and anti microbial/bacterial. We can guide you on your material choice.

Testing and Inspection

We are able to provide up to 100% inspection and or testing for your products before their dispatch. This can include dimensional, fit and function, leak detection or anything that is needed to ensure we meet your requirements – feel free to contact us.

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